THE BEYUL HERMITAGE + FARM provides comfortable, elegant accommodations and world-class trekking tours in the Himalayas offering authentic Sherpa cultural experiences and exciting ecological activities.

The tranquility of our 9,000-foot mountain paradise offers expansive vistas, the joy of Sherpa hospitality, and the ability to wander and enjoy our lush gardens, farms, hills, woodlands, creeks, and waterfalls.


Our secluded, yet central trekking location along the old Hillary trail, takes trekkers away from the bustle of the Everest trail by providing the best of both worlds; world-class guides and trekking packages for the physically active and adventurous, and solace and reflection for the spiritual and creative on a personal journey.

“Luxury in the Himalaya doesn’t get better than The Beyul Hermitage + Farm!”
- Rob R., Seattle, WA

The BEYUL HERMITAGE + FARM also hosts group Vipassana meditation and yoga retreats, and offers unique access to local villages, monasteries and sacred sites, as well as traditional Sherpa celebrations and festivals.

To a Sherpa, being connected to and caring for the land and water is not only good for the environment, but a Sherpa way of life. Over 90% of our seasonal local organic food comes from The BEYUL farm, local community gardens and surrounding villages.

Our guests experience excellence in ecological tourism, camping, foraging trips, local wildlife and nature hikes, cooking classes and dining in traditional Sherpa homes.

Nima Sherpa (Nepal), the BEYUL’S gracious host, owner and amazing chef who grew up in the Solukhumbu mountain community, has a deep love for his Sherpa culture. He delights his guests with stories about his mountain climbing and trekking experiences.

Nima and, international liaison, Caryl Sherpa (USA) bring an intimate knowledge about the area, as they help you book your tour. Both enjoy sharing the Sherpa’s rich ecological, cultural and spiritual wisdom, as well as their traditions, with their international guests.

“It’s like a fairytale!”
Caz L., Moscow, Russia